PADI AmbassaDiver: Birgitta Mueck

Hi there Ocean Lovers! I´m very happy to introduce myself as one of PADI’s AmbassaDivers. My name is Birgitta Mueck and here is a little of my life´s story.

Birgitta and Dugong Red Sea









In Brief

At a very young age, I discovered that I was happiest in the water and spending time outdoors. Born and brought up on an island on the swedish west coast, the constant smell of salt water sparked my early curiosity of what was hidden beneath the surface.

My incredible passion for nature and the wilderness led me to study Wilderness Tourism and Nature photography. Since graduation, the majority of my time is spent out in the field as an underwater camera operator and guide.

Together with my father Armin and sister Nanna, we run Crystal Water Film Production, a film company producing underwater films in collaboration mainly with Scandinavian Televisions. Our films are made from an environmentalist point of view, portraying the marine inhabitants and showing how they are threatened by human economic interests.

Whale Kisser

In 1995 when I was eleven,I experienced my first underwater encounter with a wild dolphin in Norway. Not even cold water at 4°C could stop me spending many hours, several days in a row, together with my new friend! Later the same year, I joined my father in Norway, to see my first Orcas from above the surface. This is when my fascinationwith whales began. From this moment on, I was totally hooked by these impressive animals, and I knew that one day, I would be back realizing my dream to swim with the giants of the sea.

Ten years later, I was writing down my dream into a manuscript. We were about to start a sailing expedition to search for whales in the North-East Atlantic. Starting in Northern Norway, we sailed south towards the deep, blue waters of the Azores. An Atlantic sailing adventure including extraordinary underwater meetings with both Orcas, Fin whales, Sperm whales and the biggest of them all, the giantic Blue whale. It was hard to believe that the dream of swimming with the giants had finally come true! But there was still something waiting for me that soon would give me the nick name ”Whale Kisser”. A very close  encounter with a curious juvenile Sperm whale that would stay in my heart and memory forever. More about this big whale kiss, you can read about in my blog ”Film Photo Adventure”.

Scuba Diving

Even though I didn´t rush with it, I always knew I wanted to become a scuba diver. So far, I had been happy discovering the underwater world equipped with only mask, snorkel, fins, suit and camera. In 2006, I earned my PADI Open Water certification, followed by further PADI certification. I was now able to  explore the cold, dark and exiting depths in the waters of Scandinavia, and I truly got addicted!

In 2007, we started two new film projects with the aim of finding the sharks and corals living in our Nordic waters. An expedition that required lots of hard work and dedication, resulting in encounters with up to 10 meters long sharks, and amazing dives at the shallowest deepwater coral reef (Lophelia pertusa) known in the world.

In summer 2012, I finally found the right time for my PADI Divemaster training and have since then, in addition to film- projects and assignments, been working as divemaster and snorkel guide at many different destinations around the globe. During the last four years, I have been travelling for most of my time, to places such as South Pacific, Antarctica, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Atlantic and High Arctic. Warm tropical seas or cold icy waters, I love it all!

Birgitta Antarctica









In Hope to Inspire

I always consider myself as nature’s guest and as having great respect for whatever I see through my lens. Above or underwater. I feel very lucky to be able to find myself in these environments and I feel an important need to share this unique life that many of us might never get to experience. My aim is to inspire others to take a keen interest for the spectacular but so fragile life evolving in the Ocean.

Films and still photography is a great way to spread knowledge and understanding of the incredible wild world that we are surrounded by. As much as I love to be out in the field with just my camera, I thrive on being out on expeditions with like-minded persons. The best way to inspire each other and get pure joy out of an experience in nature is to share it with someone. In addition to my film profession, I love my work as divemaster and guide which gives me another possibility to share my huge passion for the aquatic world.

To become a PADI AmbassaDiver feels like a great opportunity for me, to spread the love and understanding for our unique world hiding beneath the surface, even further. On my blog ”Film Photo Adventure”, and Fb-page ”Birgitta Mueck”,I share my life´s many different adventures from various destinations and environments. Film projects, photo assignments, guide adventures and my many personal travels, are all found on my pages. Adventures for inspiriting life, raising awareness and inspiring others!

Lots of preparation is needed now for our upcoming voyage in the Norwegian Fjords, and I am truly looking forward to sharing my adventure with you! Who knows, maybe I will meet my curious Orca friend again, who seemed to be liking my very talented singing effort, when we last met in February.

Stay tuned… and hopefully see you out there, somewhere on this wonderful planet!

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